• The Full Service Offered by Barefoot Birth

  • Posted on July 19, 2017
  • Besides offering the best doula (midwife) services in the Tampa Bay community and practically the only home birthing services in the area, Barefoot Birth also seeks to serve the community with the introduction of the Barefoot Bus. This vehicle is specially designed to provide the company with the rare option of providing the best possible care for home visits, whether for prenatal care or for home childbirth. The founders and leaders of Barefoot Birth believe strongly in giving back to the community and the Barefoot Bus provides the community with more options for natural childbirth services.

    Barefoot Birth believes that leaving every decision up to the family is always the best way to go. Their midwives/doulas only offer guidance and support; they don’t run the show and they try not to intervene. The family knows best what it wants from the childbirth experience and their wants and needs should be expected. The Barefoot Bus demonstrates that Barefoot Birth offers truly full-service care and support, with an overall mission of encouraging more families to see natural home birth as a viable option.

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